I woke up to screaming today. That's no fun. And I went out of my room to see a long trail of blood in the hallway. I was beginning to really freak out and scream too, and my mother soon joined in the screaming. My dad came out of my parents' bedroom too, but didn't join in the screaming. We followed the trail to the bathroom, and my brother was there, holding his bloody foot, which was dripping water and blood on the floor. He happened to step on a tack. It went into his heel, ALL THE WAY IN. That was scary. At least we all stopped screaming. It wasn't as bad as in The Shining, but it was a pretty horrible way to wake up.

What a way to start a Sunday. Of course, no one went back to sleep, so we had an early breakfast. That was nice, for a change, eating withh al the family a really good breakfast. I guess it took getting a tack into my brother's foot to get us all having breakfast together. In every cloud there is a silver lining.