Not having a driver's license is really getting me down. My family is fighting over who doesn't take me places. It was so embarrassing to sit at lunch with my mom, dad and big brother, and have them argue about who is the most busy. I can't wait for Monday. At long last (if I don't really mess up), I'll have my driver's license.

/me does a little jig

At least that. Everything seems to be a problem at home. I have to share the computer with Mr. Big Brother, so whenever he feels like playing Duke (read: has an important assignment), I have to give it up. It's Saturday, so I'm not going to do too much. I gave up the computer, okay, I'll watch TV. Oh, no, someone is already watching. Okay, I'll just read a book. Oh no, mom's begun reading the new Stephen Fry. Mom? Stephen Fry?

Oh, it's January 20? This could just as well have been any other day. Oh well....

Hmmm... looking at it, it seems kind of pathetic that these are my problems. I bet most people would kill for my problems. Well, they're my problems. I guess I'm lucky. But why is it so annoying?