The Rapture of Canaan is a book by Sheri Reynolds. The cover informs me that she also wrote Bitterroot Landing. I haven't read that. I haven't heard of it. I haven't heard of the author. I've just read the book. And it is good.

Like all good books, Rapture concerns itself with shame, alienation, guilt, and making babies. If you pick it up, you may want a concordance on hand -- every name has some biblical significance. All aboard the symbolism train folks; up ahead, it gets heavy-handed with the constant Christian fundamentalist references, but any astute reader could have guessed from the title. The main character, Ninah, is more of a pure innocent than a whole human, but some of the secondary characters are 10 or 26-dimensional and genuinly interesting. Worth your time, if you like Anne Proulx or, god help us all, Barbara Kingsolver

Incredibly short capsule review:

It's like The Scarlet Letter, only fairly good.