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Confession time. I, MIRV, wrote this, and I am very very sorry indeed. I had originally intended to experiment with an impersonation of a moronic newbie, but I went far overboard with the writeup below and gave the joke away. Apologies to those who were fooled (except for the smooth-talking pickup artist that tried to pick up poor foolish Jackie, who can go straight to hell), and bowz to da-x for figuring out the Star Trek reference in the email address.

Anyway, here's the text of the infamous writeup and the catbox conversations concerning it. This had 1 C!hing and a rep of +10 when it was nuked.

hi everybody! my name is jackie and i'm a soph at towson. i like drawing, writing poetry, ym magazine, and rabbits. i have two, their names are winifred and gwenivere.

i found about this place when my bf and his friend chuck were talking about it and they said it's the greatest thing they ever saw. i asked about it, but that butthead chuck said i wouldn't understand it adn i shouln't waste my time, the community there would hate me cuz "i lack intelectual vigor" (hah he thought he could insult me with big words but i figured him out!) and it's like the internet mensa or something. he's such a jerk. he thinks he's smartr than me just cause he scored a 1570 on his SATs and hes a senior and i'm a soph. well i told him, SATs dont prove that youre smart, i got 1050 and im still smart. then i slapped him for calling me a moron and he left. and my bf said, "its not that bad, u should try it, chucks just being his usual arogant psuedointelectual self. anyway, here i am! i've got a lot of poems i wrote in creative writing class that i think u'll like, and im going to start posting them soon.

luv, hunnybunny

Catbox logs from ascorbic's archive at, edited for relevance


19:57StrawberryFrog hunnybunny's 1st and only writeup is really funny. the fact that it might be for real makes it even funnier.
20:00JohnnyGoodyear Ah....hunnybunny....Joyce in slacks....evidently pure genius.
20:00Jet-Poop Hunnybunny is doing EVERYTHING right!
20:00spiregrain Hunnybunny++ # how old is a soph?
20:03JohnnyGoodyear hunnybunny brings it to a whole new level....makes donfreenut so last week....I'm on the phone to Miramax as we speak....
20:06spiregrain the question is: who is her "bf"? The on that recomended the site?
20:08JohnnyGoodyear Donfreenut, of course.....
20:09loquacious That HAS to be a troll. Please god let it be a troll. It HAS to be. No other possibility.
20:11JohnnyGoodyear Just goes to prove you can't be a prophet in yourown land....
20:12Chiisuta I HOPE IT IS I HOPE IT IS
20:12 StrawberryFrog loq: trolls contain objectionable opinions. That may or may not be a spoof, but is no troll.
20:13 WickerNipple how can you be a troll when you're 100% FUCKIN GENIUS
20:14 JohnnyGoodyear You guys just don't recognize fresh talent when it bites in the arse...I sense purity, wonder, happiness, glee clubs and also more than meets they eye about a guy called Chuck.
20:14 loquacious ducks and covers and kisses his ass goodbye.
20:14 JohnnyGoodyear Yea Wicker.......
20:15 spiregrain I wonder if that node will get HAX0RED BY CRUX WHO IS 1337
20:15 JohnnyGoodyear The Bra Has Been Raised. Someone Ching the bunny. Do it now.
20:16 Halspal JG coins a classic: "The Bra Has Been Raised"
20:16 WonkoDSane I chinged the bunny before it was cool.
20:16 WickerNipple i especially like the hunnybunny claims to be a sophomore in her writeup, and a junior in her homenode. this is the sort of authoritarian quality we need around this place! [Oops...]
20:17 JohnnyGoodyear Why, than-you Hal and thank-you Wonko, but the bunny was born into this place dripping cool....
20:17 StrawberryFrog JG++
20:18 haruspex ...(anyone?)....
20:18 WonkoDSane hunnybunny is definitely the best new writer on the site. I think she should be made a god, now.
20:18 Blue_Bellied_Lizard Wasn't "hunnybunny" one of the costumes worn on April Trolls Day?
20:18 haze I don't know about anybody else, hunnybunny takes me back to my college days in Annapolis. We did so love the girls from Towson. Ah, sweet memories ... loquacious, shut up, you're intruding on my fantasy.
20:18 StrawberryFrog That kind of thing gets old fast. Thankfully there is only one BFMcF. And thankfully Interstellar Scrotum has a very limited output.
20:19 JohnnyGoodyear I;m just too emotional to write right now. It really has bene a great and wonderous day. Choad for the Ages dear bunny.....until we meet again; Adieu. 20:19
20:20WickerNipple i love people who stumble into the funny
20:20StrawberryFrog haruspex: What??
20:20haze You too, Wickernipple. Just shut the fuck up.
20:20panamaus In the very unlikely event that hunnybunny is not some cheap publicity stunt being orchestrated by someone who should know better, you merry pranksters are seriously fucking with the head of a clueless newbie. In either case, the bra has been raised.
20:21Chiisuta F THEM IN THE E!
20:22JohnnyGoodyear Agreed. Enough. But it was fun while it lasted and you wait until I get my C-ration tonight....go to go work, but I'm leaving my Bra behind. Do as you will with it. JG
20:23Jet-Poop "The bra has been raised". I love youse guys. :)
20:23StrawberryFrog panamaus++
20:46 Lometa chuckles at hunnybunny's November 9, 2002
20:47 bishopred1 was just wondering about hunnybunny's write up
20:47 toalight is visualizing butthead chuck
20:48Lometa whoops daylog well I got that all mixed up huh?
20:48bishopred1 what kind of joke is it... cuz if its not a joke... how the hell did it get a ching?
20:48StrawberryFrog either we are encouraging someone who should know better, or messign with a newbie's head. That said, hehehehhe
20:49 NinjaPenguin winces at the possible onslaught of bad poetry to come
20:49 bishopred1 strwaberryfrog - ahhh. i understand. hehe
20:50 bishopred1 is now wondering if maybe hunnybunny is messing with us...
20:51 StrawberryFrog it's tosh, but the saying goes "you can't fake tosh"
20:52Jetifi I think maybe TheDeadGuy (or accomplice) is conducting another experiment.
20:52NinjaPenguin well, at least she can link and format, kinda.
20:53NinjaPenguin this one definately isnt thedeadguy .. but i wouldnt discount that someone is conducting an experiment, yeah.
20:54spiregrain the gods want to see if we're nice to "her" or do that depreiated thing to her XP in a pack. maybe.
20:55bishopred1 yea. i noticed she did that. i was thinking her bf helped her out some. maybe.
20:56jaubertmoniker I don't think you should be speaking for the gods, spiregrain.
20:56 Chiisuta makes the poo poo on the XP
20:56 Chihuahua Grub yeah, guys, this is totally a test. everyone who fails has to pay two bucks. there's only one correct answer.
20:57 Raspy aww, her objet d'art has been expunged.
20:58 Chiisuta chooses B and waits for her cookie.

04:09JohnnyGoodyear Hey kids. Been a short day, but do you beat-self a favor and endorse the hard work of Jack Kerouac character reference key, therafter give a thought to how Klaproth so obviously dealt with hunnybunny; you could be next. Sleep well. 04:09
JohnnyGoodyear The Bra is About to be Raised. JG

I hope y'all found this funny. Angry flames go to my message inbox, and my mailing address is in EMAR if you want to send letter bombs or dead herring or whatever.