Evil is the root of all money. It's a false medium...representative of nothing any more. In the old days, it represented gold, silver, and other shiny rocks. Now, that men would want to kill each other over shiny rocks is disturbing; but visceral and understandable on some animal level. Crows are way into shiny things as well.

Then came paper money. Easier to carry...in theory, you could go to that central bank or the king's hoard or whatever and trade the note in for the actual shiny rocks. You no longer can do that...try knocking on Fort Knox's door and asking for a dollar's worth of silver. They'd laugh you out of town, or shoot you.

So we've put our faith in worthless paper...so much faith, that we actually murder each other over it like we used to for the shiny rocks, the valuable guts of the earth itself. Rare, beautiful, lustful...now all's we got is grubby wrinkled paper--spawn of evil--that, at its best, smells like laundry detergent.