Today. Today was just another day. There was nothing spectacular. I shall endeavour to make it interesting nonetheless.

I realized today that I am having difficulty writing. My writeups haven't been the most wonderful as of late, when I even managed to write anything up. I wrote Ordinary World today, the lyrics to the Duran Duran song. I was quite surprised to learn they hadn't been noded already. Perhaps a new flurry of lyrics on e2 is in order.

Perhaps not.

Today I read the book Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. It's the story of a group of native tribes in Niger who are eventually overtaken by Christian missionaries, though reading it you wouldn't begin to suspect such until more than halfway through the book. It's a fantasically written story, and I highly recommend it.

I lied. This will not be interesting at all. I have admitted this is habit, though unintentional.

For they who have read my writeups regarding my current object of desire, things have not changed. I've neither seen her nor spoken with her since the last noded time. I am uncertain as to whether, having faced buoying rejection on Friday, I should ask on Tuesday when work and classes resume, or on Wednesday, so as not to seem overly eager. I shall see what I see.

In other news, I had the good fortune recently of meeting someone on e2 who struck rather close to home, so to speak. It goes something like this:
  • I introduced my best friend from high school to e2
  • He introduced e2 to a friend of his still at said school
  • Said friend then introduced e2 to herfriend
  • Said friend then noded on e2, and was found purely by accident by myself, when I clicked her name on accident in New Writeups
We've since become friends, much to my pleasure. She is a friendly, empathic person of unusually good spirits. I appreciate her friendship a great deal and am pleased that everything and its successor, everything2 were created so as to bring me both this friend and this tie to home.

What else is there? I've found I dread the weekends, particularly holiday weekends. I need people. I have been immersed in people for the past two weeks, including weekends, as I worked and attended classes. I miss people, an extreme step forward for someone as reclusive and mistrusting as myself.

I've also found difficulty in maeutic teaching. I attempted discourse with someone regarding the non-absolutism of right and wrong. The greatest struggle was in attempting to have the idea of both shed in entirety. Perhaps the idea of subjective thought is too firmly displaced by dogmatic teachings to allow the board to be wiped clear. I simply wish I could more clearly elaborate that though something may be true for one, and indeed for many others, it is not necessarily true for all, nor is it the place of one to decide that for another. I will work on that.

To close, I requested several writeups of mine to be nuked. They lacked content, were written early on, and all had negative reputations. If you find something of mine you don't like, please do with it whatever pleases you, but please extend me the courtesy of /msg'ing me so I can either attempt to make it better or file a nuke request.