Friday the 13th. Least lucky and most common day of the year. Bloody ironic, isn't it?

Woke up today at 5 am, after having fallen asleep around 10:30. Freezing and unable to move my arms, I realized I had done the following: After lolling about for a few minutes, I got up and pulled the clothes from the dryer and placed the wet ones into the dryer. I turned off the light, locked the computer, grabbed the blankets, and fell back asleep.

Roll to 9 am. I'm having a dream about a supermarket. The dream has in part to do with several recurring dreams of mine, one of which I had been thinking about earlier in the day. In the supermarket is a person I knew from high school who now attends Harvard. In mid-sentence, the alarm goes off. Naturally I hit snooze and fall back asleep. As the dream continues, he and I are talking. His hand-basket is filled with food, including cookies and ice cream, both of which look great. After getting him to tell me where I found the ice cream, we walk toward it. It's in one of the open-air freezers that sit out about waist high that go the length of the aisle. Unfortunately, this freezer was very large and was about fifteen feet wide.

There was one quart of the ice cream left, next to some fudgesicle type things.

Guess where it was.

Not stopping to wonder why the freezer would be fifteen feet across, why the ice cream is all the way at the far end of it, or why the last quart is where it is, I push my basket aside, place my hands on the rail, and hoist myself up.

As my weight presses down, the instant my feet leave the floor, a buzzer rings very loudly. I panick and wonder if I've broken something or triggered an alarm.

An alarm that sounds a lot like my alarm clock.

That's how I started my day.

I trudged to work and bought a book for a class, The House Of Spirits by Isabel Allende. Pages 1 to 30 needed to be read by noon, and I obviously had not started. Luckily for me, one of my university's online classes was having a test today that was going to involve 90 people, which is a first for our fledgling online system. I was volunteered to man the phones in the event someone needed help, which was better than doing...whatever it is I would have done. It also gave me time to read my book.

I finished my reading. I went to class. I took notes and we got out of class early. There was no quiz on pages 1 to 30. A good thing? A bad thing? I don't know.

I went back to work, to start writing an essay while I waited to start my next shift. While waiting, I asked my boss if he could download a few files for me that I wasn't able to get. He agreed, and when he was done asked me how I proposed to get the fifteen megs home. I told him to try my FTP server, and gave him the necessary information. I hung out a bit more and asked if there was even any work for me to do that day, as he was searching for things for himself to do. He said no, unless I could think of anything.

Hmm, going home or hanging out at work for three hours...

I went home.

Snood is crack. If you haven't played Snood, you're missing out. Remember the arcade game where the screen is Tetris-like with different icons filling the upper portion of the screen, and you have to shoot the icons to the top of the screen and try to get 3 of the same icon to touch each other to get them fall off the screen? Whether you do or not, check for the screenshot on the front page. Like I said, Snood is crack, and play I did. For about five hours.

Intermittently, I talked to a friend of mine, the friend for whom I've been pining so much the past few weeks. She still has a boyfriend and she still has expressed little interest in me. Her boyfriend is visiting her this weekend, which is why I'm not spending time with her instead of playing Snood.

I don't know him but already I do not like him.

Since then I've done some editing, possibly met Stile from The Stile Project here on E2, and used all my votes. Was it a bad Friday the 13th? Fucking horrible, because of the porn thing. How's it feeling now? Not too bad, now that I've written about it.

Yes, I know it's technically the 14th now. The day doesn't start until I wake up.