Evolution is a constant. One can no more escape evolution than one can escape the universe, as it is an intricate part of life. If humans, in the future, are doing genetic engineering and removing "freaks of nature," or curing blindness, or stimulating nerve regeneration, or whatever you like to imagine, then humans are merely influencing the direction of human evolution. By the very fact that we would be changing we would be evolving.

For those who are unaware, natural selection can work if you're killed by your own species or another. If we kill all the people with a hereditary disease, and that disease disappears, then natural selection will have taken place.

For those who were unaware, natural selection is a part of evolution. It isn't something that can be encouraged or discouraged separate from evolution.

Evolution is relevant to the present because it takes just a moment for a mutation to take place or a species to disappear or even a single life to die. Your radical ideas about the concept of time have already occured to others.

The concept of evolution applying only to the past is ridiculous, as outlined above, as evolution occurs no matter what you do. If you've developed a sure fire way to prevent evolution from happening, please share it with the class. Evolution is inescapable, and not even death will spare you; you've removed your genes from the genepool and have thereby encouraged others.