Editor Log: October 14, 2000
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Yes, these tend to be every few days. I like to consolidate. Without further hesitation:

Killed, beaten, mangled and burned:

  • ugly by trakwebster - fled user, linkless writeup, yo mamma joke
  • Johann Pachelbel by cmc - one liner about Canon in D sucking
  • John Adams composer by cmc - one liner: "more to come." /msg'd Pedro about moving his to the non-namespaced node
  • What's the best t-shirt slogan you've ever seen? by tripitaka - one liner, -4 rep, "funking for Jamaica, damn that guy was cool"
  • teardrop by bwindle - linkless, outdated DoS exploit mentioned.
  • Mr. Pickle's Abortion Clinic by moroboshi - Bad, disgusting joke that is obviously an "inside joke." Save it for your inside group of friends next time, moroboshi.
  • speed seduction by jessicapierce - very bad writeup at -17 that made little to no sense. coupled with two other fairly bad writeups (one is at -4, the other was brand new and seems to rely on the -4 one, which is why both were spared, for now) This node was also removed from the Page of Cool for generally sucking.
  • glock 21 by Warren - no explanation of what it is, just gunspeak and that it shuts up "alot" of crackers.
  • Some writeup of mine whose title I can't even remember now that I think to add it here by, obviously, hramyaegr - Trust me, it sucked, even if I can't remember the title. And yes, it came with penalty, because I deserved it. Remember, editors cannot kill without penalty.
  • i'v got 13 words for ya
  • by M68030 - Some backwater wrestling fan's recantation of a WWF high school dropout's recitation of a tongue-twister. Misspelled at that.

everyone writeups now removed:

  • Peep surgery by everyone - linkless "see http://foo"
  • Fans of Frozen Women Survey by everyone - Thanks for taking the survey, but next time add content or keep it to yourself, please.
  • ILOVEYOU by everyone - "see ILOVEYOU script" See writeup disappear, bucko!
  • Does minimum writeups to level really increase node quality? by Shanoyu & everyone - Both linkless, with Shanoyu mentioning how few writeups until his next level and everyone saying that it does, since he's anonymous.
  • jessicapierce awdasd by everyone - Consists of "she's mine" repeated.
  • node surf by everyone - States that it was removed last time and wants to wait to see if it gets killed again before they retype it. Don't bother, everyone.
  • Ramsey Hazbun by everyone - Linkless and apparently written by a 13 year old 1337 h4x0r.
  • I hate you guys by everyone - incorrect and incomplete lyrics (three lines) to a song from South Park. Yes, I could have logged in and put in the correct lyrics. But remember, it's not my job to finish someone else's work.
  • but you really are! by everyone - One-liner, "maintained by 65535"
  • The Roots Come Alive by everyone - He seems to like this hip hop group and wants you to steal this album.
  • dream log: May 12, 2000 by everyone - A summary: "hot grits, cmdrtaco, natalie portman, first post." Leave slashdot to slashdot, kids...

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