I had another dream about my ex-girlfriend last night. I don't know why I have them, and to be honest I do not want to have them. They're painful and they only cause me to lose rest that I actually need quite badly.

This was different from all the others I've had to date. In this dream, she and I met by chance on a very dark, rain-slicked street. Imagine the night street from Back to the Future II when Marty sees himself and his family in the future: that's the street. It was eerily wide for being a residential street, and the houses to the side were pushed farther back from the street than you'd expect. They were dim and hidden from view, few burning lights and all an endless string. They didn't take shapes and instead were more of an afterthought. What did take focus clearly was the light that reflected off of this night street: though the streetlamps were about one hundred feet away from each other, the produced a copious amount of light that reflected well off of the water coating the ground.

For some reason, one of the people with whom I live was in the dream. He was soaked, as one might imagine one would become while stuck in the rain trying to get the car unlocked. He was wearing a t-shirt and sweat shorts. As I stood on the broad sidewalk nearly in the street, he approached me from one of the homes, the only one that took full shape and the only one that was visible in light. It appeared dimly in a state similar to what one sees just after a flash of lightning. It lingered.

As he approached me and was speaking to me, I felt a deep hatred for him. Though in real life it would be a stretch to say that I hate him, it would not be a stretch to say that I dislike him greatly. Whatever he was speaking I could not understand. There seemed to be a roaring in my ears and time was crawling. My body was facing the house and for reasons about which I am still uncertain I turned my head to the left to look down the street. It was the kind of slow, purposeful motion typified by the blinking of the eyes during the movement, so that the eyes do not open until the head has turned completely.

In retrospect, it seemed as though I was facing a decision. Down the street, headlights appeared.

As they blinked into life I walked towards them. It was at this point that I remembered from dreaming earlier in the night that the headlights were of the car from my ex-girlfriend's best friend. I never liked her much, though I spoke with her nonetheless and she told me about my ex.

When the car eventually rolled to a stop next to me, and after it had taken on the strange, four-dimensional appearance whereby I was able to see inside and outside of the car at the same time, I noticed my ex in the passenger seat.

She looked good. She looked really good. Her hair was brushed out and styled, she was wearing makeup, and she was wearing a red dress in the most fantasic way imaginable. God, how she hated red.

I suppose the rest of the dream isn't that important. We spoke, but it was essentially her disdain for me. When I queried her on how she was doing, I was typically treated with cold indifference and mentions of how I need to move on with my life. Same treatment I earned prior to last seeing her so many months ago.

I thought I had.