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mission drive within everything
gonna be the president one day
righteous indignation, shoe selling, trivial pursuit
grand ol' University of Michigan
be nice or get the fuck away from me
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i am easily amused.
i am not easily impressed.
i am easily annoyed.

i have trouble remembering that the majority of americans are a few standard deviations to the left of me on the bell curve of intelligence. why can't people follow simple chains of logic?

my favorite words are:

my favorite number is:

i like ice cream and pez and lemonade and frosting and generally anything with too much sugar in it.

i have a strange fascination with mary-kate and ashley olsen.

i want to see the world but i am too scared to just get up and go do it.

i can't swim.

i'm afraid of the dark.

i don't get enough sleep.

i do get enough love.

i am generally happy, in a bitter, cynical sort of way.