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don't let others do thing for you or you may not know how to do it when your on your own
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people think i'm wacky some even thnik i'm kool but sometime i feel so alone i lock my self in my room and think about everything in life that i've messed up and some times i still feel like i need to scream but i don't some times i feel really de pressed and i'm alone people if you are reading this never blam your self for something that isn't your fault because sometimes you'll think about it and u seem to still blam your self after someone may say it's not and yes it's not always your fault believe me and making others do thing for you won't get you any where neither cause sooner or latter you going to go out in that world and you ganna have to know how to take care of ur self and lots of other thing so don't let your life turn out like a sour apple make it a sweet one be who you are and don't be afraid to show it.