The closest translation that can come to mind in Taqwa is protection, and it shall be demonstrated by the following sentances.

Taqwa is an Arabic verb derived from the 3 letter root verb Ta Qaf Aleph, which is in the past form. The same verb exist in another form, Wow Qaf Aleph, which is in the present form. Placing and Aleph infront of a verb usualy makes the verb a command.


Etaqi Allah. -- Protect (your self by remembering) god.

Al weqayah khair min quntar elaj. -- Protection (by a healthy life style) is better than a train of medicine.

Al qena al waqi. -- Protection mask (gas mask), distributed during the gulf war.

Al hezam al waqi. -- Protection belt (seat belt).

Al waqi al thakari. -- Male protection (condom).

Tawaqa al hathar. -- Protect carefully (be carefull).

Waqak Allah. -- (May) god protect (you).