" Allahum athelohom kama athalona, Allahum ersel ghadabaka aleyhom, Allahum elanhom fe al donya wa al akhira "

Translates as: "our god: humilate them like they humilated us, our god, send your wrath on them, our god, damn them in this life and the afterlife."

Typical angry Muslim prayers heard in Mosques with the Imam (man heading the prayer congragation) breaking up in tears whenever a brutal war breaks loose against any Islamic country. i.e : Bosnia, Chechnia, Afghanistan (during the Soviet invasion and now with the American army targeting the Taliban and Al-Qa'eda), Kashmir, Palestine and the list goes on.

There have been more than 300 arrests in Saudi Arabia targeting such angry Imams praying in Mosques, Saudi is committing itself along with Pakistan and many other Islamic nations to rid it self of angry prayers and Muslims preaching hate. Mecca as the religious capitol has been preaching peace while the various scattered Mosques have been preaching hate.

It is in my humble opinion that the only way to truly achieve peace in the middle east is if both sides, Jews and Muslims, rid themselves of extremism and hate preaching. Now I'd really like to know what goes on at the Wailing Wall or inside Jewish temples in Israel; perhaps a Jewish reader living in Israel would create a node about it?