Call centers degrade your mental health if you can not maintain a cool head. Agent on my left cubicle changed his windows theme to red as a result from all the angry calls he get. Our office is too noisy. Yesterday my left ear drum rang from 9 am till 3 pm. Some of the old agents have ear infections now. For the past 3 weeks, I've been getting a terrible head ache.

Now that I've seen how the managerial system works, all I can say is that it stinks. I sent an Email to my group leader asking him to transfer me to Esupport group. If I work in Esupport, I would not have to talk to customers. I got a reply in the lines of, "No, you are such a hard worker we need you here." A CC was sent to my supervisor and the group leader of Esupport. Group leader of Esupport wants me in Esupport but my supervisor and front line group leader don't.

Kamran, 3 year experience agent, warned me when I first joined not to work hard. His prediction was in place. If I slowed down they'll push me to maintain my performance or they'll try to make me surpass it. Everyone is supposed to please the person above.

My brother called yesterday, his sarcasim never changed. After I unlocked his account he said, "Thank you for you excelent services." I laughed and was cheered up through out the day. Translation of his sarcasam: People don't appreciate what you do.

I'm sick of this repetitive work. I'd like to try something new. I talked to my group leader to put me in evening shift for the next month so I could relax and catch up with my technical readings.

I know friend from foe now in the office. I see jealous eyes, appreciative eyes, confused eyes, and red shot eyes from anger.