Arab tribe branched from Himyan tribe of Yemen, both considered to be pure Arabs. Jurhumites are traceable to Ya‘rub bin Yashjub bin Qahtan. Qahtans trace their roots to Yemen, from which two major tribes are found, Himyan and Kahlan.

Jurhumites historical significance came into light after being the first tribe to settle in Mecca. Abraham left Hajar and his son Ismael alone in the arid wasteland known as Mecca today. After the Zamzam well incident, Jurhumites were passing by and saw a bird flying in the horizon. From observing the bird, the tribe concluded there must be water, then scouts were sent to invistigate the site. After the tribe met Hajar they asked her permission to use the well. Permission was granted as long as they did not own her well. Ismael learned Arabic from Jurhum and married a Jurhumite girl. (Bukhari: 1:74-76)

Mecca gained more importance after the construction of the sacred house by Abraham and Ismael, resulting in the inhabited area to continue in growth over the years. Khuza`ah, another Yemeni tribe, imigrated to Mecca after the fall of Ma'rib dam. Jurhum and Khuza'ah went into battle, Khuza'ah emerged victorious and took over the city. After Jurhum's defeat, Jurhumites were kicked out of Mecca.