The concept of God praying is not alien to Muslims. We must first understand what the word pray means in Arabic. Pray translates to Salat in Arabic. Salat root verb is Sad Lam. In its broad form, SL means connection or any of its synonyms. SL in its specific religious context means prayer. Prayer is a form of spiritual connection establishing a communication.

It is customary for Muslims to pronounce Salah Allah Alayhi Wasalam (God prayed on him and gave peace) after pronouncing Mohammed. Moreover, before completing any of the 5 daily prayer, Muslims pronounce, "Allahum Sali Ala Mohammed, kama Salait Ala Ibrahim." meaning our lord, pray on Mohammed like you prayed on Abraham.

No verse in Quran contain any reference to Allah praying to any of his creations, quite the opposite the Quran is full of verses making reference of creations making prayer to Allah. Currently, no Muslim scholar has a satisfactory answer on how or what Allah pray for toward Mohammed or Ibrahim. However, it is safe to say that the gist of it all is communication, be it divine to man through his prophets or man to divine through prayers.