Most of the cuss words in Arabic have to do with cussing the family, are sexual or animal related. Guys cuss more frequently than girls. I'm not aware of any girl related cuss words.

Koss umak = mother's vagina. ( the most powerful, most known and most used cuss word )

Moss zubi = suck my penis.

Ya Kanteeth = you faggot.

Ya Gahbah = you bitch.

Ala Zag = On shit. ( synonym for: I don't care )

Kel Zag = Eat shit.

Kel Teben = Eat hay. ( this makes a donkey out of the other party )

Ya homar = you donkey.

Ya kalb = you dog. ( dogs are not man's best friend to arabs, cats are )

Atga ma ashof = I fart and I don't see. ( synonym for: I dont care. used in combination with Ala Zag )