I've just seen A.I.
I liked it.

I've read the nodes on this film, and I guess they were all written at least a couple of weeks ago; so I'll just say that the obvious poignancy (too lightweight a word but I have no others to hand) of the Manhattan scenes added an entirely different dimension to the "end of the world" storyline here. The twin towers were still there but everything else - just about - was gone, submerged and desolate. Somehow it didn't seem too awkward. Everyone in the theatre was probably thinking exactly the same thing as the skyline hoved into view; but it merely added an extra layer of reflection, not of embarassment for the bad timing or the wretchedness of the film distributors. It was OK.

And the film? Lots to take in and think about - I'll probably go and read Aldiss now! I hadn't realised the "aliens" were robots - perhaps it doesn't matter because its not made blatant enough. The mother-son parts were emotional enough with the right imagination (or experience) and I was left with the feeling I ought to see it again to pick up all the bits I missed first time around.