Stadelhofen is one of three main train stations in Zurich. The other two are HB (Ha-Bay) and Enge (En-gay). Stadelhofen has the least strange sounding name of them all.

Stadelhofen is also the most architecturally appealing of all the S-Bahn stations in Zurich. Think TWA terminal at JFK meets the Seagrams building. Stadelhofen has 7 escalators, 9 ticket machines, and three tracks. It was built in 1983/84 of steel, concrete and glass. The architect is Santiago Calatrava, for whom the enormous steel and glass canopy over the platforms was an homage to the Swiss Alps.

It serves the trendy neighborhood of Seefeld and Bellevue. Stadelhofen contains a small shopping center with a co-op that's open 7 days (ye gods what havoc have ye wrought in the land of the believers) late. Stadelhofen is close to the University, so it gets its fair share of very hot Zurich women every morning. If you're ogling, 7:30 can be heaven.

The train station is home to the Outback, a fine establishment from Oz, even if their humidor is a little broken. The Zurich Opera and the Stadelhofen theater are steps away, and if you climb up one of the two stairs to the top of the hill, you have very fine views of the city, and a beautiful walk to the Zurich Kunsthaus.

When in Zurich stop by at Stadelhofen and commune with tired commuters, drunks, and the privileged kids of the gold-coast rebelling against everything they think their parents believe in.