Ok, ok, ok. I have a problem.

And yeah, I am sure some of you are thinking, "No shit!"

But seriously, this morning, while typing away on MSN messenger, chatting with a ffriend,yes, I have those we got on the topic of coffee,(mmmmmm...), and he got all pissed because I get it for free,(even though it is shit,) and he has to pay for it! This is quite the reasonable complaint, for why should anyone, especially those that work in an office have to pay for coffee while at work? This is ridiculous in itself.

But anyway, he was telling me how it's 63 cents for a "decent" cup and 20 cents for a cup of coffee from the vending machine. I couldn't believe what I was reading! Wha!!??? Vending machines that serve drinks and soup still exist! What is with that!

I couldn't believe that this insult to the very notion of a cup of coffee still could be found lurking in various office buildings all over the world.

This is tragic.

Who was the idiot that thought up that idea anyway. I mean, I know that the majority of the industrialized world is 9 to 5, rush, rush, rush. Go, go ,go. No time to breath, no time to sit down and have a decent cup of coffee. But, this is no excuse for the creation of a vending machine that serves "coffee." I suppose it is instant coffee, which makes it even more horrific.


Now, there are very few things in life that I complain about, well, maybe not, but very few trivial things, like food products, etc, that I gripe about. But coffee, no, coffee is the ultimate exception.

You see, coffee, to me anyway, is life in a cup. The smell, the taste, the way the little specs of oil float around on the top.

(Now, that is in a divine cup of the real good stuff.)

Oh the delight one may find in a cup of coffee that is so good, all you need is a little cream and it is perfect.

Anyway, back to the whole vending machine business. I have decided that, along with my goals of getting a philosophy degree, and finding a decent teaching job somewhere, someday, oh and I suppose attaining "true" happiness,whatever the hell that is I am now going to attempt to rid the world of all those devious little machines, spewing out filth, that some corporate mogul has decided to title coffee.

So, someday, while working away in your crowded cubby hole of an office, don't be alarmed if, when arising to go pay for yet another cup of shit, you find an empty space where the bloody thing used to be.

From now on, I will be known as the Coffee Vending Machine Avenger! Beware!