A kiss goodbye, means more than words, ever could.

Today is Sunday. Ha, there's a link for ya...anyway, today is Sunday, in the "old days" everything used to be closed on Sunday, and people, well most people would go to church and then go home with their families and sit around and do, ya know, "Sunday things."* By the time I was a little "spongewelp"* running around the house, causing an uproar everything was open on Sunday. In fact it was the busiest day at the mall that was near our house.

A part of me never understood it though, the madness on Sunday. I remember being taught that Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest, relaxation, a time for family and friends, hell, even God. But I guess times had really changed.

I still enjoy doing absolutely nothing on Sunday's. Getting up real late and walking around in my bathrobe for 3 hours, making coffee and reading the paper or the latest novel I am tackling.(Dreamcatcherby Stephen King at the moment.)

Yup, Sunday's are great fun. Fun Fun Fun. Especially the sleeping late part because every other day of the week I have to get up early for work, and I mean, "rooster's crowing at 5 a.m." early. One might even go so far as to say that my ability to sleep-in on Sunday morning is the one thing I look forward to every week. It's like that first cigarette after having to wait four hours to have one while out for dinner with your pyscho mother who gives you the "stop smoking" speech everytime you light up...even thoguh you are 24 and you live your own life and......shit, what was I saying? Oh yeah, Sundays are cool.

Which, finally, brings me to my point. This morning at 8:15 in the morning our really obnoxiously loud phone rings. I'm alseep, I can hear it ringing in my head, and I slowly open my poor, dehydrated eyes to grab the phone.....the caller ID says out of area. Instantly I know who it is. Bill COllector!!! Not for me of course, but for my mother.....regardless, I am fucking pissed. It's Sunday morning! Before nine for Christ's sake! Don't these people GET IT???

"Hello, can i speak with Elizabeth?"

"No, you can't, and I don't want you calling here on a SUNDAY ever again. I don't care if my mother owes you a million dollars. It is so rude to call people on Sunday morning, before nine am no less!"

"Ok, sorry." Click

Oh well, I droppped the phone on the floor and rolled back over in bed, wondering if I just totally freaked for no reason, and ruined that poor telemarketer's day......Oh well, fuck it, sometimes one must lay down the law, and when it comes to Sunday, well there are just lines that can't be croseed, I'm sorry.

* Sunday Things: Things done on Sunday. House cleaning, card playing, praying, repenting, mowing lawn, etc.

*Spongewelp: a young (possibly young at heart) individual that likes to cause trouble by being annoying and acting like a brat in public. Enjoys running around house, screaming and jumping off the railing of the stairs dressed at Superman or Shera. Anyone displaying "child-like" behavior is a spongewelp.