Ok, so my first daylog about my trip in Amsterdam was a little, shall we say, boring as shit.

I am having a great time here so far, apart from feeling a little sick and wanting some major dosage of Vitamin C, I couln't ask for more.

The bud here is amazing and most of the people tend to be very outgoing, although not as cheery and welcoming as the Irish.

Yesterday we went to the Van Gogh museum which was amazing. They had Monet paintings there too and it was beautiful. We went to a couple different coffee shops, and then headed to the Irish pub down the road from our hotel,called Dirty Nelly's.

It was fun because a rugby game was on and Jared and I just sat there all spaced out from Space cakes, getting a little tipsy from the drink.

For some reason Jared went out by himself after we left the bar, when he finally got back he was wasted and he ended up falling off the bed. I was laughing my ass off because he didn't get up for like 5 minutes.

When we woke up the next morning he didn't remember anything, which is typical I suppose. It is weird though because I have been waiting to come here for like six years and I still haven't really been able to fully process the fact that I am here yet. I have been thinking about a lot of shit while I have been here, which has made the experience a little strange. It is almost like I haven't been able to enjoy myself because I can't keep myself from thinking about things. I guess the weed isn't helping the situation because I always tend to think about my life and life in general in a very analytic way when I get stoned.

It's still been fun here, although I think I will be able to really go off about all that has happened when I get back to Ireland.

All in all the last two days have been quite enjoyable. I think next time I will only come for like three days though because my brain is starting to feel a little dead and I am such a workaholic, that I am getting bored and want to get back to work!


Is that possible?!

Well ,cheers, till next time. Peace.