This morning I flew out of Dublin airport at 6:45 a.m. on a non-stop flight to Amsterdam.

I have been waiting to come here since I first started smoking weed seven years ago, so I was definately looking foward to the journey.

But it is funny because it is everything I thought it would be, and it really isn't that big of a deal.

Like, I went into a cafe today and it was intersting to be able to order weed from a menu,Actually it was the coolest thing i think I have gotten the chance to do in a while. Love it! Weed, legal] yes! but it didn't feel the least bit unatural. It was totally a normal feeling, and I enjoyed it.

My best friend from home, who I might add is being quite the bitchy 23 year old t the moment have gone to a couple different cafe's and are going to go to this Irish pub later on to have a few pints.

The place is crazy though. Some looney crackhead guy was following us for a while and he kept on asking Jared is he could speak English, and Jared was so stoned that he just didn't know what to do and the guy was really getting on his case about giving him money.

Anyway, when I was about to tell this guy to fuck off, Jared finally broke down and gave him some change. I had to yell at him a he walked aqay though. I mean, it is one thing to ask for spare change, it is another thing to threatan someone in order to get it.

Unfortunately, that has been the most exciting event of the day so far. We are heading to the Van Gogh museum tommorow and I am sure that will motivate the brain to do a little more creative work than this. Cheers everyone! Hope all that got the chance to celebrate Paddy's day had a mad one yesterday!