This poem is beautiful I think. It is to say the least, inspiring.

Detached Verses

Soon you will pass from the darkened room
to another world. Freed from debts
and contacts.

One more
One more look at the neighbor's garden
and his dog asleep
on the still warm tiles.

A headline
A headline still blaring by the base of an overflowing garbage can.
A little
A little longer on the setting light of the sun.
The stub of a moment of parting
from things we ignored when we could still live erect on our feet.
Things we believed would never
fade have already been abandoned by your memory.
If only you had been one of the philosophers!
Giving a flavor of meaning to ruined buildings, to acts,
of heroism, to our fate.

Was that leap
into the depths any easier?
Soon we shall know if we have learnt to accept that the stars do not go when we die.

Abba Kovner (Translated from Hebrew, by Eddie Levenston.)