I am speechless right now I will never let go of you, and I know that what we shared was brief and possibly meaningless, but, I can't help but feel the way I do now. I want you to know that, even though this all sounds like dramatic bullshit, I want you to know that you will always be hiding in my dreams. You will always be on a pedestal in my eyes. Spending time with you and being with you was a dream come true, and I will never forget you, ever. I wish I could have said yes the other night because I wanted to..... But, it would have hurt me in the long run, and I would have left for home feeling even more incomplete than I already know I am going to......... "If things were different....." "But they ARE different...." So, we go our seperate ways for now my friend....perhaps to later meet at a different crossroad someday... Me, wishing that day could be tommorow, me wishing that I too could be a dream of yours come true.

I want to give you, whatever you need.

What is it you need? Is it what I need?

I want to give you whatever you need. What is it you need?

Is it within me?

Dashboard Confessional

Sorry everyone, sometimes these things just need to be said and done.