Ok, so I have yet another problem today.

Yesterday I wrote a daylog because I was a little upset about something and I just felt like getting it out of my system. Little did I know the drama it was going to cause.

Some user that I know read it and apparently decided to enquire about it with other users that I know, even though he doesn't know them.

First of all, how rude is that to butt in to business that isn't yours, especially when dealing with an online community!! Secondly, it is so not cool to question people's actions when one doesn't know the specific circumstances of a problem or issue.

So I feel violated in a weird way because one person took something that I said and blew it up into this big thing for no reason whatsoever! And to clear things up little bit, that daylog was about someone that has nothing to do with e2 in anyway!! SO STOP HARASSING OTHER NODERS ON MY BEHALF! Mind you own business because I have enough to deal with, as does my friend you msg'd, never mind having to deal with this shit!