I hate it when people say they are going to do things and then they don't. I mean, it's a phone call, it's a simple SMS message, is it that hard to remember? Perhaps I am being a little harsh, it just hurts me because I feel like if they cared they would have remembered.

Perhaps the reason I am upset about this now is because it is what I grew up with. My mother and father would do this shit all the time. Say they would call, say they would be there to watch the school concert, the soccer game, the blah blah blah.....and they would always let me down.


It made me feel like they didn't really care because if they did they would have made more of an effort to show up, to be on time, to show any true form of genuine interest in any way whatsoever.

But no, no they didn't.

Just like you are doing right now. Maybe you don't have credit on your phone,which is a pretty lame excuse to begin with, maybe you are just tired and don't feel well.

But I really don't think it is that hard to follow through on something as simple as a phone call. I am not asking for much, I don't ask for hardly anything ever! All I ask is that you attempt to refrain from reminding me of how fucked up my life has been, attempt to be the one person that isn't going to let me down for once. I think I could fall in love with you and yet I question that, and I hate that I have to question that right now.
Ok, so maybe I am being a little silly, but I am just hurt. And I know that tommorow it will probably mean nothing to me, but right now, right now I am angry. Angry that I have been brought back to the pure shit that was my childhood and that is my adulthood.

So next time, don't say you are going to do something and then not do it, because this is what will happen to me. I just end up thinking about all this shit that I am trying to forget.