How about this exploding mess of drama! :)

I want to hold you again.

I want to dwindle in self-pity with you. I want to talk shit and not care. I want to smile at the sound of your voice. I want to get the chance to thank you.

I want to just be there with you again. I want to say goodbye to all this shit. I want to lay down deep in the woods and stare up at the beautiful stars with you and smile because I know that as long as you are here with me it will be ok. There is a comfort in silence that is not describable in words. There is something lurking there. Hiding underneath the surface of reality.

This silence is beautiful. This silence is stimulating. This silence is peaceful.

I crave it, for there is nothing like the feeling that you are one with another human being and there is nothing like the absence of that feeling when it has gone.

I find it difficult to go on without you sometimes. As ridiculous as that sounds, seeing that one should never base there personal happiness on the existence of another in their life. However, this isn't always as easy as it sounds.

I want to hold you again, just for a moment. That is all I ask. I am a person. I am a pathetic product of societies bullshit. I have supposed "needs". I have implanted desires.

I know this, but it does not make a single difference. It does not make the longing go away.It doesn't change the fact that when I am with you I feel more complete. Or rather, when I was with you I felt more complete.

I was bound to lose you. Luck has never been in the stars for me. But, if I could, I would have frozen that moment forever.

Life is crazy.

Funny thing happened last Saturday. I was working a double shift, trying not to lose it completey....

And then I found you again....

Now, all we have is time.