Ok, so it's half 2 in the morning and I have been listening to the same playlist for what seems like 4 hours,

even though it is probably only two,

I don't know, sometimes I think things happen for a reason,

sometimes not.

Then I think that none of it matters so why give two shits.

Then I realize it's stupid to think that way because things do matter, and they should matter.

Why?Or maybe the question should be, why not?

Well, because one can philosophize, and theorize, and contemplate, and solve, and create

for as long as one remains on this earth,

in this form that we know as being human.

But the way I look at it we can never truly know anything, and I mean truly.

We can't know this because our language is constantly evolving and has evolved over time. I mean we can't even say that we really know what "time" is and how much of it has passed even if we could come to "define" it.

Like, not to go off on a total tangent here, but this is serious.

I think Orwell was talking about some pretty hardcore shit in 1984.

I mean it is definately possible that anything before 1900 could be false. And I know it sounds insane, but it is possible and you can't deny that it isn't because there is no one living that can visualize a "true", "real" memory of that time.

I guess what really got me thinking about this was Nietzsche, but more recently, reading 1984 again.

But then, when I went to Amsterdam, for some odd,and I mean really oddreason, my friend Jared wanted to go to the Torture Museum.

I was like, ok, ummmm, I guess so.

So we went.

I was walking around that place, and it was freaking me the fuck out!. I was disturbed kinda, and then, out of nowhere came O'Brien and his voice was echoing in my head.

And I thought how incredibly possible it was that all this Medieval shit was fake.

Pure bullshit.

Created to influence us in some way, whether it be subconciously or not, that we have it better than back then.

If we can even define better at all.

I don't know, maybe that's pushing it a little. You could say I am highly prone to wonder just how complex certain aspects of the way the world works are.

Perhaps this is just pointless babble, but there really is no way of "truly" knowing anything.

I wonder if I am going to be miserable like this on the inside forever.


Perhaps not.

Tommorow is another day.

OH SHIT, IT'S APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Happy noders! Do a happy noder dance in hopes of a fun day! yay!
:) :0) :-)
I am serious about this though, really.