I have played the tournament edition of Quake many times.  gamewreks in Phoenix had four machines and I have to say, I was and still am pretty much a non gamer, but I used to dream about when I could get to the arcade to play Quake again. It was so baadass with the loud music in the chair with you.  I felt so powerful and in control in the command seat with the trackball perfectly placed. I must have played twenty to thirty days total in 1998 or 1999. I would have played more but I was a working twentyone year old stripper trying to afford an $800 apartment. It was the very best gaming xxperience I have ever ever even come close to having since. wheeee. I would love to play this again after all these years 12/07.  It is no wonder people look at me like I am making it up when I tell them Gamebreaks had this cool fps all the way back in 1998 like I was in an alterrnate futuristic dimension with bad weed and good video games. (they had virtual reality at that place too.)