I have had my own experiences with Ouijas in the past. I read somewhere that one created on your own was better than one bought at a store. Something like 'a piece of you in the board'. All the ones I have ever played on, I've made with cardboard and a big black marker.

Cut out a big rectangle, about the same size as a normal board and then cut out a heart from another piece of cardboard and then cut out a round hole in the center of the heart. On the big board, wrote Ouija across the top. 'Yes and No' on opposite ends, diagonally towards the two top points. Wrote the alphabet slightly curved like a crescent moon but not too curved. Approximately three rows for the alphabet. Then numbers from 1 thru 0 across the bottom. And the last part, instead of 'good-bye' I would write 'leave' at the very bottom.

I have had some very frightening experiences with the board and haven't played it in about 10 years. I can't claim to have contacted the devil personally, but I would have to say that some of these entities were definitely evil.

First of all, we were kids when we started playing so we took risks that possibly other, more mature individuals wouldn't have taken. Once we got the hang of playing, we would ask it to give us signs. These signs were real and sometimes scary.

The following are examples of some of the things that happened.

- we had a friend that did not believe it really worked. We brought him over to my house. We started as we normally did, asking if the spirit was there. Most of the time, it would start moving almost immediately. After a while and few questions later, we asked it to give us a sign. The board started to spell out a number. At first, we didn't know what it was. Then, we asked it to do it again. One of us wrote down the number as it spelled it out. We were confused because none of us knew what it was. All of sudden, the guy that didn't believe, his eyes got really wide. He pulled out a piece of paper from his pocket and was stunned that it was the phone number of a girl he had talked to earlier that day. We didn't even know he had gotten her number. At this point, we knew we were on a roll, so we asked it for another sign. The ceiling fan all of sudden started to turn very fast. We were all sitting at the kitchen table so no one had touched it. Plus, it was a cheap fan so it didn't have a remote control.

- Another time, my friend was over my house at night and no one was home. We started messing with the Ouija and started asking it some pretty dark questions. All of a sudden it spelled out 'father evil in living room'. We jumped out of our chairs, ran out the house and ran down the street. We looked back towards my house and saw what looked like a silhouette standing in front of my house close to the street. We walked slowly towards it, trying to get a better look and it eventually disappeared as we got closer and closer. Still standing in the street, we finally reached right in front of my house. We looked (from the street) inside the window and we both saw a silhouette staring back at us from inside the house. That freaked us out enough that we went to my friends house and I didn't go back home until I knew for sure my parents had gotten back home.

We had so many other things happen, including that we were going to die when we were 15 and 16 years old. Which since I'm writing this, I guess it didn't happen. Unless, I'm one of them.

I don't want to say that you should or shouldn't play it. But I do want to say that it can be extremely addictive and can really mess with your head.