Title: Blob
Author: Jonnathan Hilliard
Released: Christmas 1993 by Core Design
No. of disks: 1
HDD installable: Yes, copy the disk to a directory named "Blob"
Languages: English
RAM: one half meg required

A vertically scrolling platform game who's central character is always fixed relative to your view. Your view is about five metres above the blob. When blob jumps it doesn't move, it's always fixed five metres below your view, but the entire world shrinks and fades below (in glorious 32 colours).

It all worked quite well - Blob bouncing in the blackness of space - ever upwards to the exit. Amiga Power said "watching it plummet to its death is a sight that can reduce even grown men to tears". In a similar vein to Bob's Bad Day (or Nebulus for that matter) in that the strange viewing angle is what makes you able to rediscover the simple joys of bouncing along.

It was fairly generic platform stuff. Jump on bad guys. Step on pressure sensors to make integral stepping stones appear. Amiga Power gave it 88%

Although most magazines credit the game's construction to Core Designs it was done entirely by Jonnathan Hilliard for a job interview at Core. Core had little to do with the game aside from the box artwork and promotion. Jon now works at Lucky Chicken games.