Title: B17 Flying Fortress
Author: Microprose
Released: 1991/1992 by Microprose
No. of disks: 3
HDD installable: yes, practically necessary
Lanuages: English
RAM: 1meg minimum, more is very good as the game uses disk space as RAM and the DF0 will be churning otherwise

While most 3D flight simulations are comfortable letting the player only pilot a plane a B17 flight simulation was always going to entail more. It involves having a happy team and keeping to your mission - running about your flying bus and patching it up while pausing for a sobre moment to mourn your gunner lying mangled with the radio guy. If you've seen the film Memphis Belle you can live out these beasts here.

For an early floppy disk game it allowed a wonderful amount of customisation - it almost had an RPG quality to it. Plane art and team names could be altered. A wonderfully detailed Microprose simulation (230 page Microprose manual) that also involve flying.