Kryptonian super-villian portrayed by Terence Stamp in Superman II. He, along with Ursa and Non, who were imprisoned in the Phantom Zone in the first movie, are freed by the shockwaves of a nuclear explosion in space.

They then go to the moon, kill a few astronauts, and hear over a radio that the astronauts were communicating with a place called Houston. Naturally the mistake the entire planet for being Houston. After all, they are kryptonian.

When they arrive on earth they notice they're a helluva lot stronger than they were. They figure out it's because of the sun. Anyways, once they get in contact with more humans the shit hits the fan. There's killing and throwing people around telepathically and all kinds of fun stuff.

Superman meanwhile is nowhere to be found. As he's having a moment (or three or four) with Lois Lane. Oh yeah, and forsaking all of his powers to be with Lois forever.

Zod's only real flaw is that he wasn't as ruthless as he could have been...sure he was a bad motherfucker, but you know...if this guy had the same powers as Superman, he could have done a lot more. He just didn't utilize it.

Well...that and he fell for the old rewired fortress of solitude trick.

Fun Quotes by General Zod (Courtesy IMDB):

Zod: So this is planet Houston. A very strange surface!

Ursa: You are master of all you survey.
General Zod: (bored) So I was yesterday. And the day before.

President: (on T.V.) This is your President. On behalf of my country and in the name of the other leaders of the world with whom I have today consulted, I hereby abdicate all authority and control over this planet to General Zod. Only by following all his directives will the lives of millions be spared... (desperately) Superman! Can you hear me? Superman! Where are you...
General Zod: Who is this Superman?
President: You'll find out and when you do---
General Zod: Come to me, Superman! I defy you! Come and kneel before Zod! Zod!

General Zod: I win. I always win. Is there no one on this planet who can challenge me?