Namco's third in-house arcade game, released in 1979. Notable for being the first full color raster game ever. Before Galaxian, color overlays were used on arcade screens. It was also Namco's first big hit. Using the space invaders formula and speeding play up by having the bug-like enemies throw themselves at the player, Galaxian spawned a ton of rip-offs, clones, and homages, most of the earlier ones using the same hardware. In North America the machine was distributed, like many of the early Namco games, by Bally/Midway.

There were a few sequels to the game, including Galaga, Gaplus, and the laserdisc-based Galaxian3. The game has popped up all over the place in other Namco games too, such as the Pac-Man series, Dig-Dug, Ridge Racer series, and most recently in Gun Balina (known in the US and Europe as Point Blank 3).

The game has been ported to home videogame and computer systems everywhere, including the Atari 800, Commodore 64, Colecovision, Nintendo Entertainment System, MSX, GameBoy, the Sony Playstation (as part of the great Namco Museum series) and the IBM PC for Windows 95. Of course for the PC there's tons of shareware and freeware clones. And for the most accurate arcade experience MAME would be a good bet on multiple computer platforms. (Insert random arcade ROM legality disclaimer here.)

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