Capcom side-scrolling fighting game from 1989. Imagine Double Dragon with much larger characters and you get the idea.

The plot goes like this. Gangs are all over Metro City ruining everything. Killing and being violent and illegally parking in handicapped spaces and so on. Now, in comes this new bad-ass Mayor, Mike Haggar. He used to be a Street Fighter you see. And he's still got it in him to kick some ass if need be. And he's on a mission to stop the gangs, but he wants to do it the legitimate way first.

Apparently it was an ingenious plan, because the people behind all the gangs, a group calling themeselves Mad Gear, decided to take action and kidnap the mayor's daughter, Jessica. So Mike decides to pass some more laws curtailing gangs even, wait, that's not right...he calls up Cody. Cody, who was born without a last name, is Jessica's boyfriend. He also knows how to kick some ass. Before he leaves he lets his friend Guy, who was also born without a last name, know about the mission. And now Guy's whining about wanting to go test out his kung-fu. Because you know... he knows kung-fu.

Through the game they beat the hell out of assorted thugs in six different city areas. They fight Andre the Giant and his posse. They fight a guy named Damned who was censored in the home console versions. And at the end they fight a guy in a wheelchair. Sure he's got a gun. But it's still abuse of of the physically impaired! This insanity has to stop! I...oh wait, it's just a game. Never mind. And it's a lot of fun too. Simple. But fun.

I guess sometimes they weren't illegally parking in handicapped spaces.