Episode 4 of Space Ghost Coast to Coast premiered on May 13, 1994. It was written by Matt Maiellaro, Andy Merrill, and Khaki Jones.

Guests: The guests for this episode were writer of the The Late Shift, Bill Carter and late night talk show legend Joe Franklin. They also announced Johnny Carson as a guest but things sorta went wrong so they had to deal with a mantis named Randy. Chances are it was a publicity stunt anyways.

Episode Premise: Moltar is obsessed with CHIPs, to the point that he does things like shirk his producer duties to watch the reruns, and credit Space Ghost and Zorak with "Poncherello" surnames on-screen. Meanwhile, Space Ghost is just interested in annoying Bill Carter as to why he wasn't in Bill's book, talking over all of Joe Franklin's appearance and project plugs, and shmoozing with Johnny Carson (which never happens due to Moltar "losing the feed"). Meanwhile, Zorak has an obsession with hairpieces. The CHIPs and hairpiece obsessions were the series' first real running gags, showing up in a number of episodes (most noably Untitled).

Elevator -- Bobcat