Released July 6, 1999 on Merge Records.

Julian Koster's first full length record under the Music Tapes moniker is equal parts flights of fancy and brooding sorrow. A highly cryptic and personal album about a boy named Nomad who has dreams of being a sailor and his defiance against conformity in all shapes and forms. And it's all told from the most askew viewpoints. From the bottom of the sea, from a speeding bullet, from extraterrestrial televisions. A madly wonderful cacaphonious symphony. Music can be generated from vacuum cleaners and steamboats. Wax cylinders, wire recorders and hard drives used for recording materials. Comic book insert accompanying tells a story.

"It started, I think, the day my mother told me the Superman I had watched day in, day out in black and white reruns was no longer among the living...that being the very thing I had always wished to be (Superman) had destroyed him." -Julian Koster

Track listing:

  1. song for the soon to be sailor
  2. 1st imaginary symphony by vaccume cleaner
  3. song of the nomad lost
  4. "pulled out to sea..."
  5. march of the father fists
  6. nomad tell us
  7. aliens
  8. song of 100 castles
  9. what the single made the needle sing
  10. the clapping hands
  11. sea's song for sailor
  12. the television tells us
  13. an orchestration's overture
  14. song for the death of parents
  15. a warning!
  16. fanfare for the speeding bullet
  17. wishing well at caper's end