Sometimes what you think is the way isn't really the way. This is the point of the tragedy of Oedipus. His "free, clear, rational thinking" transformed a mere plague into an personal apocalypse.

Freedom, clarity and rationality are fine things, but those words may not convey to you all possible modes of thought. Some of the excluded modes of thought such as muddling though volumes of confusing, partly understood, incomplete information in order to develop a tentative hypothesis might turn out to be more important for human survival than the kinds of "rationality" than can mechanically and with great clarity be applied to well organized data by a computer program.

Idealism is overrated. Understanding our thought processes and learning new ways of learning and thinking can be the work of decades. By all means, "Don't ever lose that light in your eyes," as LeAnne Rimes sings, but, on the other hand, beware of those who would reduce all your epistemological needs into a few snappy, sentimental slogans.