Ok, so I got this idea from those posters you can find that map all the connections from place to place in the Internet. Why not do the same thing with e2? Every node gets a point, every softlink is a line... It would make a cool poster that we could maybe sell (I would buy one, but then I bought the t-shirt too). I'd maybe leave the hardlinks out of this... we can just see where people come from, and where they go. Now, I haven't checked to see whether we keep track of comings and goings once we've hit the maximum number of softlinks, but i hope we do so we can put The Node Linked To All Others at the center...

Clearly this is a nontrivial project... I personally am much more comfortable with C than with perl, but if we need all that funky string-manipulation capability that perl seems to excel at, then perl it is.

So basically, if you have thoughts on this, ideas, want to tell me I'm a moron, and especially if you want to help write the code (I am no perl guru, and I can always use someone looking over my shoulder on the c stuff), fire away. I would love to see this happen, and I think it would be an incredibly fun project to take on.