Also, Coors Light beer, one of the most disgusting substances known to man.

UPDATE 7/2/01: It has come to my attention that this used to qualify as a generally bad writeup, for reasons that should be obvious. I will now expound upon the virtues of the Silver Bullet.

Chief amongst the virtues of the Silver Bullet is that it is cheap. Really, really cheap. A 30 pack goes for about 14 bucks, and, like Bic (I think) it is worth every penny.

Second, it's really quite smooth. Smooth like water. In fact, it's like water in a lot of ways, including but not limited to its near-total lack of flavor.

Third, although this one is sadly obsolete, it had a great advertising campaign in the form of Swedish bikini girls towering over the Rockies and bowling.

Fourth, and last, and certainly not least, it has the best name and slogan of any commodity beer on the market (although Schlitz and Pabst Blue Ribbon come close). Who _wouldn't_ enjoy saying "Hey, Nate, can you toss me another silver bullet?" Who _wouldn't want to tap the Rockies?

And that, my friends, is why you should enjoy Coors Light responsibly.