I feel that this is the appropriate place to share an anecdote about the indestructibility of a Nalgene bottle...

I am the proud owner of several Lexan 1-liter widemouth Nalgene bottles. I firmly believe that it is well-nigh impossible to crack them, and here's why:

I was up in the Second College Grant last summer, cutting firewood, picking blueberries and having a great time. Now the highest point in the Grant is called Diamond Peaks, and there's a nice 200 foot or so cliff from which you can see most of the 27,000 acres of sweet, sweet lovin' that comprise the Grant.. I was sitting up there enjoying the view, when I absentmindedly kicked over a bottle full of blueberries and water (I had just picked the berries, you see, and I put them in water to make them stay cold and fresh for inclusion in a cobbler or pie) (Obligatory shameless self-promotion: See Blueberry Peach Cobbler for what to do with your blueberries). It skidded, it rolled, it went right off the edge and started plunging towards the rocks below. I leaned over to watch it fall and break, already lamenting the loss of my blueberries.

When it hit the bottom, much to my surprise, it bounced. Really high. Two or three times. Shocked, I went to the bottom of the cliff and found the bottle, intact, with only a tiny few gouges in the lid.

These things are indestructible. I love them.