Okay, so I never really noticed before, but the return address on this mysterious, and vaguely disturbing, package has, as its top line, NWC.

What was in the package, you ask? Why, none other than a so-called Personal Triumph Subliminal Audio Cassette, which purports to be able to improve my performance in sports, make me go faster, higher, stronger, get more out of my practice time... you name it.

So I listen to it. And indeed, for a week or two, I get more out of my practice time for Ultimate. But, along with this improvement, I get these strange urges... I would be happily sawing away at this pile of firewood when suddenly... "must node more"... "experiencing e2 withdrawal"... "send dem bones money"... yes, there were definitely voices in my head. I can draw no other conclusion than that NWC is actually a cabal of godusergroup entities looking to surreptitiously fund EDC, and their drug habits.

God help us all.