Today has not been a very good day.

First off, Mr. dem bones implemented a writeup minimum to have levels, knocking me down by 2 levels. This wouldn't be so bad in itself. However:

Today I was hit by a car.

Mind you, the car was not going very fast. But I was in a crosswalk, and there's a law up here that says that cars must yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. So I'm crossing, minding my own business, when I hear someone blow their horn, followed by the squeal of brakes.

If the moronic driver had been paying attention, she would have had plenty of time to stop.

Anyway, so what happened was, I turned, saw the car, and attempted to jump and roll over the hood like they do in the movies.

I did, in fact, roll diagonally across the hood of the car. I felt like such a bad-ass. Until I rolled off the hood, hit the ground, and bruised a hip, tore my shorts, and scraped up my legs.

So: I spent an hour or so getting cleaned up and calling the appropriate authorites.

At which point, having had most of my adventures for the day, I headed to Ultimate practice, where I played injured, since Regionals start tomorrow.

Ok, so fast forward past the pasta jam, past the watching of fight club. It is now about midnight. I decide to head to Alpha Chi Alpha to talk to the brothers, play some Pong, and generally make an ass of myself. I succeed brilliantly. And now here I am, drunk, injured, wearing a Hawaiian shirt, and noding instead of sleeping.

What the hell am I thinking?