Not a hell of a lot to report at present... not enough time to flesh out the earlier day log, and not much has happened since Banff. I will make a few observations about Canadian highways, Calgary, and Edmonton, though.

Who in their right mind runs a superhighway through the middle of a city, with stoplights and all? Nobody, you might say; however, you'd be wrong. Trans-Canada Highway 1 runs smack through downtown Calgary, and while Calgary looks by all accounts to be a fine city, nobody wants to be stuck in massive traffic when they should be making 110 km/h towards Edmonton.

Edmonton is much cooler than I might have expected. There's a fair bit of nightlife here, including a scary, scary dive with 25 cent drafts. The hostel is clean and sociable; I highly recommend it. Whereas Banff was almost too luxurious to qualify as a hostel, and Buffalo too ghetto, Edmonton is just right.

That's it for today; only 30 seconds left. More from Fairbanks or thereabouts!