This French cheese originated in the Savoy mountains, and is centuries old. Its name is derived from the French Reblocher which means "second milking". This is a result of the practise of French herdsmen milking their cows on the day where the milk quotas were checked, while leaving enough left over for another milking. The herdsmen would then milk the cows a second time following the inspection, keeping the results for themselves. The second milking yielded a richer milk of a higher fat content, which was responsible for the creamy taste of the cheese that resulted.

This cheese has a fat content of around 50 percent, and has a mild, creamy taste. Reblochon has a ripening period of around four weeks, and an unpronounced aroma. Highly regarded by cheese connoisseurs, it has a supple texture, and a flat, disc-like shape (approximately 1 by 5 inches). Reblochon is a soft, surface-ripened cheese, and has a washed rind of a reddish colour and a matte finish.

The interior of the cheese is pale and semi-soft, and is known to develop a somewhat bitter taste when past its prime. It is recommended for consumption at the end of meals, accompanied by a light red wine.

thanks to Albert Herring for the corrections