This morning I awoke to the news that part of my high school had burned down. No freaking joke. Arson is suspected, and a large chunk of the school was affected. Naturally, I couldn't help but laugh and admire the initiative and fearlessness of the gutsy arsonist who'd actually done something that previous decades of students had probably been dying to do. Really, burning down your school definitely takes chutzpah

But seriously, could he have picked a worse time to do it? The middle of christmas break? Come on!!! Why not during exam week? Some people just don't think things through. What a jerk. There you have it. Like something out of a movie or a great dream, my school actually burns down (partly). But I probably won't even get to miss a single day. Shit.

Other node-worthy occurances today include my eating 12 spring rolls (approximately 3" long and 1" in diameter) in just over an hour, which may or may not be some kind of record, and my washing them down with four 355mL diet cokes at my friend's New Year's party. Very appealing, I know.

Also, while I was driving to the mall yesterday to buy a Mats Sundin bobblehead for my friend who was giving the party (late christmas present and totally on sale) I passed a crime scene with the yellow tape and everything. Naturally, being a very nosy person, I slowed down and looked over, and there was even a dead body in the parking lot where the tape was. Later, I mentioned the dead guy to one of my friends who, as it turned out, had seen the guy while riding by on the bus, and the bus driver said it was a homeless guy who'd gotten drunk and fallen down the hill beside the parking lot. He wasn't all mangled or anything, but it was still kind of gross, not to mention pretty sad, not the kind of thing you see everyday.

Anyway, on a lighter note, happy new year everyone, and if you do get drunk watch out for those hills!