Danbo is a member of the Samsoe family of cheeses, the most popular type of cheese in Denmark. Danbo, alternately known as King Christian IX when it contains caraway seeds, used to be called Danish Steppe cheese.

Danbo is made from cow's milk and has a flat square shape measuring approximately 25cm by 25cm, and about 7.5 cm thick. It has a dry, yellowish rind and sometimes comes covered by red or yellow wax.

The cheese has a firm, supple texture and a multitude of small, regular holes. Its flavour is mild and buttery with a hint of nutty sweetness, and sharpens with age. The cheese is usually sold after about five months of maturation. Danbo generally has a fat content of about 45% percent, but there is a 20% fat alternative which does quite well outside of its native Denmark.

Danbo is recommended for consumption with light white and red wines, as well as beer or cider. It is a mild, great all-purpose cheese, and is usually popular with children.