a.k.a. British Bulldog

A playground game that was banned in almost every school I attended. It's violent enough to result in broken arms and dislocated shoulders on a regular basis.

The players split into two teams of equal size, and line up facing each other across the playground, holding hands or linking elbows.

One team starts by picking out someone from the other team, and calling their name, "Red Rover, Red Rover, send (wotsisface) over!"

Wotsisface then has to let go of his team mates, and run across towards the line of the other team, with the aim of breaking through. If he manages to break the line, and force his way through, he gets to choose one of the enemy team and take them back to join his home team. If he fails to break through the line, he has to join the enemy, and link up with them.

The game finishes when one team has all the players. The handy thing about this is that everyone ends up on the winning team.